Cellular Assays

“Using a range of assay technologies, we provide detailed quantification of the cellular potency and efficacy of your compounds at all levels of a signalling cascade, from target protein activation through to gene transcription.”

These assays can also be used to answer more complex questions, such as onset and duration of action, mechanism of action and insurmountability in dynamic signalling events (eg Schild plots).

Assay systems we are currently utilising include:

  • Receptor activation: RTK phosphorylation, GTPγS accumulation, β-arrestin recruitment, receptor internalization
  • Intracellular signalling: Ca2+ mobilisation, cAMP accumulation, kinase phosphorylation (pERK, pJNK)
  • Gene transcription: reporter gene assay, transcription factor activation
  • Live cell kinetic analysis: cAMP, Ca2+