Supporting Drug Discovery

Expertise in the application of molecular and cellular pharmacology techniques throughout the drug discovery process across therapeutic areas, with a long track record of success

Target Identification

Bespoke validation packages including phenotypic assays in primary cells, in comparison to libraries of known pathway modulators and approved drugs. Expression analysis performed at mRNA and protein level, including imaging of target proteins using immunocytochemistry or fluorescent ligands.

Lead Identification

Assay development across a wide range of targets and formats, allowing medium throughput screening of focused libraries. Expertise in generating orthogonal assay systems to identify false positives, and in mechanism of action studies for key examples.

Lead optimisation

Development capability for full in vitro screening cascades, and routine screening support with weekly turnaround times. Management of data and full participation in client program team meetings.


Detailed characterisation of candidates to answer specific scientific questions arising from clinical data. Development of the preclinical science package including publication strategy.

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