Cisbio and Excellerate Bioscience partner on ligand kinetic binding services

Cisbio and Excellerate Bioscience partner to promote and deliver first-in-class compound kinetic characterisation to European researchers.

Codolet, France, and Nottingham, UK. January 30 2019. Excellerate Bioscience and Cisbio announce the launch of a collaboration to deliver ligand kinetic binding assay services to the life science community. The two companies unite their respective expertise in assay technology and pharmacology to provide researchers with a first-in-class assessment of compound kinetic binding based on Tag-lite®, Cisbio’s technology for receptor-ligand binding investigation. Under the terms of this agreement, Cisbio will market Excellerate Bioscience’s kinetic binding service offer throughout the European territory. Excellerate Bioscience will run the operations from its new facility in BioCity, Nottingham UK.

It is now widely recognised that optimising the kinetic binding properties of new compounds at targets such as G protein-coupled receptors and tyrosine kinase receptors can result in drugs with significantly improved efficacy, safety and duration of action. The emergence of Cisbio’s Tag-lite technology in the field of receptor biology, combined with new generation fluorescence plate readers able to read HTRF® assays at multiple time points and high speed, have enabled the optimisation of highly accurate non-radioactive assays. Excellerate Bioscience’s scientific team has been recognised for its expertise in deciphering complex pharmacology and has applied Tag-lite assays across diverse targets to speed up this important compound characterisation step, providing accurate drug candidate kinetic data such as association and dissociation rate constants.

“For over a decade we have searched for a receptor binding assay methodology capable of delivering accurate and reliable kinetic data at the earliest stages of the drug discovery process. We are excited to have identified Cisbio’s Tag-lite as the optimal technology to realize this goal and look forward to adding a kinetic dimension to the drug discovery programs of our clients” declared Professor Steven Charlton.

“As concepts of residence time become more prevalent for successful drug development, the scientific community demands a reliable compound selection process,” added Nicolas Pierre, Head of Global Marketing at Cisbio. “We believe researchers will value this access to a robust assay platform such as Tag-lite, operated by Excellerate Bioscience’s pharmacology experts.”

Ten years after the launch of Tag-lite technology and the first assays implementing it, this collaboration leverages the expertise of both partnering companies, and positions this new service offer at the forefront of drug discovery by providing researchers with unparalleled kinetic characterisation.

About Cisbio (

Cisbio develops and markets products and technologies used for life science research and in vitro diagnostics. With its proprietary technology, HTRF®, the company is a leader in homogeneous fluorescence detection methods and offers first-class assays and services for drug discovery researchers. In addition, Cisbio provides a broad range of immunoassays for in vitro diagnostics, mainly tailored for cancerous pathologies, as well as metabolic and auto-immune diseases.

Based in Codolet, France, Cisbio owns facilities in Bedford, MA, U.S.A., Shanghai, China, and Tokyo, Japan, and also markets its global offer through a network of distributors.

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Excellerate Bioscience is a dynamic and innovative contract research organization built on a worldwide reputation for excellence in the field of molecular and cellular pharmacology. Based in BioCity Nottingham UK, the company applies state of the art pharmacological theory and technology to improve the efficiency and translatability of in vitro pharmacological profiling, providing solutions to some of world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic institutes.

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