Excellerate contribute to success of Omass Therapeutics

Excellerate Bioscience is delighted that a close relationship with Omass Therapeutics, built over 18 months, has helped contribute to their success in securing extended series A funding. During this period, Excellerate assembled a dedicated team of expert pharmacologists focussed exclusively on driving forward the Omass programs.

Excellerate Bioscience applies state-of-the-art pharmacological theory and technology to help clients accelerate their drug discovery programs. They combine academic and industrial science to help drive the efficiency and translatability of in vitro pharmacological profiling.

Dr Nicholas Holliday, Chief Scientific Officer at Excellerate Biosciences Ltd., said “Excellerate is built on a reputation for excellence, and we are delighted this has been recognised by the Omass acquisition of part of our talented team. We wish them every success in the future, while we continue to deliver the best in in vitro molecular and cellular pharmacology services to our clients from our labs at BioCity”.

Excellerate’s CRO activities are unchanged, and they remain at BioCity, Nottingham for seamless continuity in their operations.  They provide a flexible service across drug targets and therapeutic areas, from target validation to lead optimisation studies – emphasising the highest quality in assay development and performance.

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