We are a group of highly skilled and data-driven drug discovery scientists with experience of working in both an industrial and academic environment.

Our purpose is to deliver results in a timely manner to allow you to meet your milestones.


We understand the importance of teamwork in multidisciplinary projects and will work in a flexible, open and collaborative manner to achieve your drug discovery goals.

We can join your project at any stage during the drug discovery process, from early target ID and validation, hit identification and lead optimisation, through to support of development compounds.


We have a history of applying the latest in pharmacology theory and technology to create novel assays and analytical approaches to address complex systems and mechanisms.

Contact us to see how we can help you develop bespoke solutions to your drug discovery questions.


We will work as a trusted partner, ensuring rigorous quality control measures are applied throughout our collaboration. We pride ourselves on producing high quality data, suitable for both your internal documentation and external publication.

Project management

We have extensive experience in building and managing in vitro screening cascades to promote efficient compound progression through discovery milestones.