The Excellerate team has made significant contributions to analytical pharmacology, particularly in the field of binding and signalling kinetics.

Here you can access useful fact sheets from the team, as well as publications, presentations and other useful content.

Fact sheets

Kinetics fast track



Antagonist binding kinetics at the human D1 dopamine receptor determined by HTRF assay. Kathy Sengmany, Ka-Wing Wong, Steven J Charlton, Nicholas Holliday. Presented at ELRIG Drug Discovery and the British Pharmacology Society, 2019

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Application Notes

Application note, in association with Cisbio, on the TR-FRET Tag-Lite methodology to analyse receptor binding kinetics

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Micro-pharmacokinetics: Qualifying local drug concentration at live cell membranes.
Karolina Gherbi, Stephen J Briddon, Steven J Charlton

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Airway remodeling disease: primary human structural cells and phenotypic and pathway assays to identify targets with potential to prevent or reverse remodeling.
Elizabeth M Rosethorne, Steven J Charlton

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Extrapyramidal side effects of antipsychotics are linked to their association kinetics at dopamine D2 receptors.
David A Sykes, Holly Moore, Lisa Stott, Nicholas Holliday, Jonathan A Javitch, J Robert Lane, Steven J Charton

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GPCRs – Structure, Function and Drug Discovery, 2019. Chapter: “Kinetics of ligand binding and signalling”

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Association rate constant: The unsung hero of drug discovery kinetics

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Putting the dynamics into compound profiling: using kinetic assays to shape drug discovery (

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The kinetics of drug binding – Prof Steven Charlton, with BMG Labtech

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